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We are a company of excellence for clothing apparels. Embossed with a truly authentic variety of style statements for men and children.

We believe in being innovative, consumer focused and we intent to provide the very best to our customers with enhancement to extreme brilliance.

In 1958, there was no availability of ready to wear garments in Pakistan. People had to purchase the fabric and get it sewn altogether from scratch, which took a whole lot of time, energy and investment.

Hence, Haji Ismail Naviwala, armed with an ambition started working towards the path of being the pioneer of ready-to-wear clothing in Pakistan and consequently, succeeded. Later, around 1971, Anis Naviwala took over the industry and rebranded it as Cambridge Garment Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. His aim was to enhance more on the modern-day consumer. Nonetheless, in spite of that, it was equally important for Anis Naviwala to always remain intact with his father’s core principles and let them be as the backbone of the company.

Core Principles aspired for

precision Tailoring
Impeccable fabric
Customer Satisfaction

Our vision is to make quality products for men, women and children, keeping customer satisfaction as our top priority through best fabrics and perfect tailoring.

Brilliance in Craftsmanship

We have built up a strong reputation for its innovative tailoring methods. We always strive to combine traditional techniques with the latest technology to achieve standards that are out of the ordinary.

Try our wide range of products to experience the

comfort and style you desire.

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